May 2018

Crews remain busy with site activities eight months into our construction schedule, with approximately 90 percent of the pipe stringing and welding for the construction portion of the project complete.

Through May, pipeline construction personnel reported they continued to make safe, steady and environmentally responsible progress, working installation and maintenance of erosion control devices, pipe installation, backfilling, welding, trenching, fabrication and more. Many contractors are preparing to bring in materials and equipment to begin restoration. The company also continues with activities related to two horizontal directional drills (HDD) for specialized stream crossing across the project area, with the majority of HDD activities completed.


Asked and Answered:

What is Hydrostatic testing?

Williams hydrostatically tests all pipelines prior to placing them in service. Hydrostatic testing involves filling the pipeline with water and pressuring the line to 1.5 times the maximum allowable operating pressure. This testing allows operators to discover and repair any flaws that may have occurred during transportation or construction.

Initial inspection and hydrostatic testing allow Williams to validate the integrity of the pipeline before it goes into service and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the line once it is placed into service.

Community Benefits:

Thaddeus Stevens Video and Grant Announcement

Welding is essential to creating a strong, functional pipeline. This skill leads to solid careers, and Williams is making sure student welders get the experience and education they need. A $17,500 Atlantic Sunrise Community Grant went to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology for a welding technology program and scholarship, now in its second year. Students are trained in a variety of welding processes, including aluminum.



The grant money was used to purchase three welding guns. Welding instructor Leroy Begay said this equipment makes it possible for him to train students and puts them at an advantage when they are looking for jobs.

“It will put them above anybody else in this state,” Begay said. “We want to get them highly trained and get them a job anywhere in the industry.”

Williams recently announced $264,300 in community grants for 41 organizations, including first responders, schools and townships, across Pennsylvania. Since 2015, Williams has given out more than $2.2 million in grants to 309 organizations across the Atlantic Sunrise project area.



Community Engagement

Williams was pleased to be the lead sponsor at the recent Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation (PPFF) annual awards banquet. PPFF is a nonprofit organization that works for the betterment and promotion of Pennsylvania’s state parks and forest system.

County Updates

Susquehanna, Wyoming and Luzerne Counties

Site activities included environmental, health, safety and compliance training for new inspection staff and new hires. Mobilization of equipment and materials is ongoing. Maintenance of rock construction entrances to keep sediment off the roadway is ongoing.

At Compressor Station 605, office warehouse building steel erection has begun. General site cleanup and waste disposal of construction debris are ongoing. Concrete work is prevalent throughout the site as foundations are poured.

Zick metering station environmental, safety, health and compliance training has been administered to all new construction personnel. General site cleanup and waste disposal are ongoing. Concrete is being poured. Contractors have begun to bring the site back to grade.

At the Springville metering station, environmental, safety, health and compliance training has been administered to all new construction personnel. Fabrication of final tie-in piping, building erection for the meter buildings and tie-in of 2-inch drain line in the filter separator area are ongoing.

Outreach to elected officials and community leaders in relevant municipalities regarding progress of the project is continuing, along with the recent awarding of community grants.

Clinton and Lycoming Counties

At Compressor Station 520, site activities included excavation, the continued mobilization of equipment and materials, and material fabrication.

There were small-pipe and electrical work associated with the compressor building and the filter separators, backfill, work on the tie-in to the existing compressor building on the east and west sides, and continued environmental, health, safety and compliance training for all new construction personnel.

Schuylkill, Northumberland and Columbia Counties

Environmental, safety, health and compliance training has been administered to all new construction personnel. The installation and maintenance of erosion control devices and best management practices are ongoing.

Water withdrawal from Fishing Creek for the upcoming mainline hydrostatic pressure test resumed. Because of evaporation, water withdrawal will continue as needed until the test is complete. Lowering in, backfilling, welding and coating activities are ongoing. Seven waterbody and six wetland crossings were successfully completed.

Bat, rattlesnake and archeological monitors are in place where needed.

Community outreach is continuing with local leaders, elected officials and organizations to highlight the progress of the project and most notably the recent award of community grants. At Compressor Station 517, mobilization of equipment and materials, the maintenance of soil erosion and sediment controls, installation of pipe supports and piers, backfill of the 42-inch piping, the removal of trench boxes, ground wire installations, and the demobilization of unused equipment and materials are ongoing.

At Compressor Station 610, mobilization of equipment and materials to the site are ongoing. Environmental, safety and compliance training has been administered to all new construction personnel. Work on installing the 30-inch inlet piping to cooler unit No. 2, installing risers and jumpers for blow-downs for unit No. 2, installing scrubber piping for unit No. 1, running stainless fab to both units, and installing small-bore piping to the office/warehouse is ongoing.

Lebanon and Lancaster Counties

Construction continues, with environmental crews progressing on best management practices installations, ongoing maintenance repairs and addressing punch-list items.

The pipe at Molleystown Road is being lowered in and backfilled, with tie-ins being made at Valley Road. The contractor will continue to advance with mainline grading, stringing, ditching, welding and lowering activities. The contractor also has continued staking of the LOD and installing project signage for sensitive features, as well as continuing environmental, health, safety and compliance training.

The Conestoga River horizontal directional drill was completed with the successful pullback of the pipeline through the completed bore hole.

At the Lancaster County meter and regulation station, all erosion control devices have been installed and are functional. Crews continue facility infrastructure installation, and they have begun receiving materials in preparation for station construction.

The contractor is preparing to bring in equipment and materials to begin restoration.

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