Construction Update March 2018


Overall construction is more than 50 percent complete as Atlantic Sunrise crews continue to make safe, steady and environmentally responsible progress six months into our construction schedule. Despite sustained low temperatures, approximately 5,000 construction personnel remain busy completing a wide range of on-site activities, such as site grading and trenching, pipe stringing, welding, backfilling and site cleanup. We are continuing activities related to five horizontal directional drills (HDD) for specialized stream crossings across the project area, with the majority of HDD activities nearing completion.

Community Benefits

Warihay Construction Vendor For many contractors, the chill of winter leads to a chill in business. Companies such as Warihay Enterprises, however, have kept busy over the last several months thanks to Atlantic Sunrise. The Manheim, Pa.-based commercial landscaper provides trucking services, equipment rental and straw to support the construction of the pipeline. “This year, with the pipeline coming through, we’ve pretty much maintained a busy, 50- to 60-hour workweek straight through,” co-owner Rob Warihay Jr. said. “It’s very unusual to have this much workload this time of year.” The workload is only one reason Warihay is excited about the pipeline. He also sees Atlantic Sunrise as a vital part of America’s future. “If we’re allowed to tap these natural resources, but not allowed to build the infrastructure to move them, then what good [are the resources]?” Warihay asked.

What are aerial patrols?

Williams uses aerial patrols to inspect thousands of miles of pipelines. This surveillance allows pilots to effectively inspect pipeline rights-of-way with real-time reporting so that operators on the ground can take immediate action to correct any issues found. These inspections are necessary for safe pipeline operations and help to ensure public safety.