June 2018

Nine months into our construction schedule, our crews are making safe, steady and environmentally responsible progress on activities such as backfilling, welding, coating, pipe installation, fabrication, trenching, general site cleanup and maintenance of erosion control devices (ECDs).

Contractors are performing or are preparing to perform hydrostatic pressure tests on completed facilities, and all horizontal directional drilling activities are complete. Many meter station facilities are mechanically complete and have achieved permanent restoration.

Asked and Answered:

Restoring Agricultural Land 

Agriculture is important to Pennsylvania’s economy, supporting more than 280,000 direct jobs in the state. Williams understands the intersection of agriculture and energy, and embraces construction practices that protect and reclaim the state’s fertile land back to preproduction yields. To make this possible, we preserve topsoil so that it can be replaced during reclamation and install the pipeline at a minimum depth of 3 feet. Other methods we use during reclamation include subsoil compaction relief, application of approved fertilizers and constructing drainage control devices. We will work with the appropriate local, state and federal agencies during reclamation. By working with these agencies, maintaining soil quality and promoting rapid recovery of the affected portions of the right-of-way, we can get farmers back to doing what they do best: farming. Farmers can work on their land as they did before, and they will be able to continue planting crops.

Community Benefits:

Williams Hiring Veterans

J.J. Caprio returned to Lackawanna County in 2012 after spending six years in the U.S. Air Force as a fuels management technician. He wasn’t sure whether to stay in Pennsylvania or to seek opportunities in other states.

“I’ve got these skills that I’m bringing home, but it’s no good if there’s no opportunity to use them,” J.J. said. “Thanks to the gas industry being here, I have awesome opportunities right here.”

J.J. is one of many veterans employed by Williams. We are dedicated to hiring veterans because these heroes made our country secure. When they return home, we want to make sure they have a secure career.

“When I started talking to people from Williams, I found out that there were a lot of vets employed by Williams,” J.J. said. “They really like to hire vets, and they like to give us an opportunity to take the skills that we learned in our various career fields and put them to use in a bright civilian career.”

After completing an internship with Williams and graduating from Lackawanna College School of Petroleum and Natural Gas in 2018, J.J. joined Williams as a scheduler/planner.

“I’ve never seen a company that goes out of their way … to give opportunities to veterans to use their skills and to recognize veterans,” J.J. said.

County Updates

Susquehanna, Wyoming and Luzerne Counties

Site activities included environmental, health, safety and compliance training for new inspection staff and new hires. The environmental inspection staff continued to maintain project signage, and the survey  crew repaired boundary staking as needed. 

The contractor continued activities with front-end crews (ditching, lowering in, coating and welding), while the environmental crews worked on punch-list items, maintaining ECDs and best management practices (BMPs). Tie-in crews worked on waterbody crossings, as well as tie-ins at other locations. Crews completed some of the hydrostatic pressure testing dewatering.

At Compressor Station 605, installation of the lube oil cooler and associated welding were completed. Steel framing of the fuel gas building and the pouring of concrete slabs, as well as continued maintenance of soil erosion and sediment controls, general site cleanup and disposal of construction debris, are ongoing. Hydrostatic pressure testing is expected to begin.

At the Zick metering station, environmental, safety, health and compliance training has been administered to all new construction personnel. Work on the rain gardens, external dirt work, laying of stone around buildings and filters, and installation of fencing are ongoing, as are general site cleanup and waste disposal.

At the Springville metering station, environmental, safety, health and compliance training has been administered to all new construction personnel. The remaining foundations have been poured. Light poles have been set up, and office trailers have been demobilized. Site cleanup is ongoing.

Clinton and Lycoming Counties

At Compressor Station 520, continued mobilization of equipment and materials, material fabrications, pipe and electrical work  associated with the compressor building and filter separator,  trenching for the emergency blowdown line, ongoing maintenance  of soil erosion and sediment controls, and commissioning activities  are ongoing.

On the Unity Pipeline Loop, site activities included environmental, health, safety and compliance training for project personnel, ongoing trenching, lowering in and backfill operations, the completion of the Beaver Lake Road conventional bore, hydrostatic pressure testing of completed facilities, site stabilization, and the continued maintenance and installation of BMPs.

On the Chapman Pipeline Loop, site activities included the continued mobilization of equipment and materials to the contractor yard, mainline tie-in activities, trenching, lowering in, backfilling and rough grading operations, the maintenance of rock construction entrances (RCEs) and fabrication work at mainline valves. The contractor also continued site stabilization work, roadway maintenance and the installation and maintenance of soil erosion and sediment controls.

Schuylkill, Northumberland and Columbia Counties

Construction progressed, and environmental crews continued with BMP installations, ongoing maintenance repairs and addressing punch-list items.  Ditching, lowering in and backfilling work is occurring in several areas along the right-of-way.

The contractor is preparing to conduct both waterbody crossings at Little Fishing Creek because flow elevations have receded to manageable levels.

We continue to engage in regular meetings and conversations with local leaders to keep them abreast of progress on construction. Outreach continues specifically to keep first responders updated on the ongoing progress.

At Compressor Station 517, continued mobilization of equipment and materials, the maintenance of soil erosion and sediment controls, general site cleanup and soil stabilization activities are ongoing. The contractor also completed the wiring for the air inlet panel and continued installation of the exhaust ductwork, gas vent lines, insulation, paneling, large-bore piping and construction of the stormwater management basins.

At Compressor Station 610, contractors continued the mobilization of equipment and materials to the worksite. Environmental, safety and compliance training has been administered to all new construction personnel. The contractor began preparations for the upcoming hydrostatic pressure tests.

The contractor continued small-bore piping in the compressor building, continued working on the blowdown piping and installed air intake filters. The contractors worked on installing the doors and

trim on the office/warehouse and the compressor building, completed the wire pulls to the gas coolers, installed the conduit to the north cooler valves, installed the conduit to the light switches in the compressor building and started erection of the communications tower.

The contractor maintained the station RCE daily to keep sediment off the roadway and ensured all ECDs were functioning as intended. The contractor continued maintaining stabilization by mulching various areas and repairing sediment barriers. The contractor graded and leveled the area around the substation fencing and stabilized the area with seed and mulch.

Lebanon and Lancaster Counties

Construction continues, with environmental crews progressing on  BMP installations, ongoing maintenance repairs and addressing  punch-list items. The contractor has begun final cleanup and  restoration at Elizabethtown and Molleystown roads. 

The contractor will continue to advance with mainline grading, stringing, ditching, welding and lowering activities. The contractor also has continued staking of the level of development and installing project signage for sensitive features, as well as continuing environmental, health, safety and compliance training. 

The contractor plans to assess right-of-way conditions to determine whether to begin stream crossings. Crews will continue to set up the bore at Swatara Creek and begin the bore, weather permitting. 

At the Lancaster County meter and regulation station, all ECDs have been installed and are functional. Crews are focusing on the regulator station building, backfilling, valve yard compaction to prepare for gravel, fence installation, pad site grading, preparing to restore slopes and general site upkeep.

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